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Its also interesting to know how Lisa was never interested in following her parents career paths in the health field. The ice trucker sadly passed away in 2016 at the age of 52 in a tragic plane crash. Not even knowing what it even was about, Lisa accepted and soon enough she signed a contract with History. In the wake of this tragedy, Lisa needed to take a breather, trying to recover from the emotional distress that loss could have on a person. You might be wondering if Travis is the same guy Lisa wanted to stay in Alaska for when she left college. 00:34 - What. On her Facebook page she also promotes websites dedicated to truckers and has even set up her own Ebay shop to sell merch with her name on it, including shirts and caps which her fans seem to appreciate a lot considering it sells out quite fast, proving that regardless of the fact Ice Road Truckers hasnt been on air for awhile, its truckers are still well remembered and even loved by many. She focused more on freestyle motocross, and soon became a champion. Lisa Kelly (born December 8, 1980) is an American trucker who has been featured on the History channel reality television series Ice Road Truckers and its spinoff series IRT: Deadliest Roads. Well bring you up to date on everything you want to know about her. She also took part in the History Channel's Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads[8][2]along with Rick Yemm, Dave Redmon and Alex Debogorski[9] trucking in the Himalayas in India; in a later season, she drove in Bolivia and Peru. Kellys current ride is a Freightliner Coronado truck shes renamed the 122SD, with SD standing for Severe Duty in reference to dangerous driving conditions such as ice roads. In this article, well take a look at Lisas latest photos and find out why people cant get enough of them. [4] They have no children. 0:00 / 3:45 How many truckers have died on the ice road? (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); As such, many of the shows fans are looking for answers, and of course, keep wondering where the truck drivers are today. Please include what you were doing when this page came up and the Cloudflare Ray ID found at the bottom of this page. She lived and died . Although had the show continued, a series covering the pandemic would surely have been fascinating. It is sad to here that about here. From season 3 up until season 5, Lisa was the only female trucker until she was joined by Maya Seiber in season 5, although Maya only stayed for one series. She appeared periodically thereafter all the way up through Season 11. His last update to fans was in June 2021, with Rick spending most of his time with his dog, Reeko. Ever since the start, the way she was portrayed on the media was evidently focused on her looks, even winning her the Esquire Magazines title for the sexiest trucker alive. Its known she went back to Alaska and was planning on joining an specialized school in another city, but she hasnt really disclosed what she wanted to study back then except for the fact she changed her plans in favour of keeping a romantic relationship. In Season 9 of the show, Kelly worked for the new company of one of her fellow ice truckers and IRT stars Darrell Ward, who later died at age 52 in a 2016 plane crash; he was the pilot. She remained a part of the main cast until the end of season five, after which she took a short break from filming, returning again for the production of seasons seven through eleven. She spent her first six years of life in Grand Rapids, but then moved to Sterling, Alaska with her parents. The real-life dangers faced by the truckers, as well as the seemingly authentic reality of the show, drew countless viewers, who stayed tuned for all the high-strung drama, and above all else, the incredible suspense. These Are The 15 Hottest Wives And Girlfriends Of Hollywood! Lisas career has really just started, but she has already managed to earn herself a decent net worth lets see exactly how much. Ice Road Tuckers: Hugh Rowland made his debut on the History Channel show "Ice Road Truckers" during season 1 episode 1 titled "Ready to Roll" in 2007. But, in 2023, Lisa Kelly is still living the wild truck life to the fullest, minus the TV fame. Now, we take a look at the Ice Road Truckers shows most featured truckers and cast, from Alex Debogorski and Rick Yemm. Thinking the added experience and her newly obtained Class B license was enough to take the next step in her career, Lisa started applying for jobs as a truck driver without much luck for several months. She returned to Grand Rapids to attend Cornerstone University but only stayed enrolled for one semester, saying the college experience wasnt right for her. Her hobbies include motocross, horse riding, skydiving, hang gliding, and snowboarding. [2], Kelly was born on December 8, 1980,[3] in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A former soldier who was so fascinated by the TV series "Ice Road Truckers" that he flew to Canada to become one, died when his giant rig careened . While Lisa Kelly is not too keen about revealing personal things to the general public, she has certainly let her fans know some interesting facts about her love life and everyday hobbies. As Lisa told the website Trucknews in 2020, she was chosen to appear in Ice Road Truckers for eye candy, something she wasnt too excited about but instead of following along or leaving, she took it as a challenge: I was like, Im going to prove that Im more than that. They stated that Kelly will remain a part of the series, and that they didnt let her go. During that time, she became Michigans freestyle motocross champion. Ice Road Truckers Darrell Ward rose to fame on the show. She was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and grew up on a farm in Alaska. In 2008, Lisa married Traves Kelly, after dating him for four years. I have to say she will be sadly missed. If youre wondering what happened to Lisa Kelly on Ice Road Truckers, youve come to the right place. Posted by Alex Debogorski on Sunday, May 17, 2020 After the end of the series, he has keep himself active in social media especially on Facebook, on which he keeps his fans informed of his activities and work. For his part, Alex Debogorski is alive and still works as an ice road trucker. If youre more interested in the personal lives of the stars and the tragic events and difficulties they face on the roads, several of the former Ice Road Truckers drivers keep their followers entertained on social media. However, she then decided to pursue a more stable job, and opted out for a place in the trucking industry of America. Ice Truckers do these drives on their own. She made her 0.5 million dollar fortune with Ice Road Truckers, Ice Road Truckers Canada & IRT: Deadliest Roads . She first appeared in season 3 (Seasons 1 and 2 had been set in Canada) in 2009, as the only woman. Lets find out what they have been up to with their lives in the last five years. Trucker gained recognition and often went viral for its explicit use of language, with viewers noting it as unfiltered. But ever since the exit from Ice Road Truckers show, she has gone under the radar. Though that information is unfortunately unknown, judging by the time those events happened and how long the couple was dating, theres a possibility Travis is indeed that guy. [12], Last edited on 22 February 2023, at 03:46, "Season 5 Truckers Ice Road Truckers ", "Season 2: South America IRT Deadliest Roads ", Interview with Esquire magazine (June 11, 2010), Interview with North Shore Journal (June 21, 2009), Interview with The Hindu (February 20, 2012), https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Lisa_Kelly_(trucker)&oldid=1140861801, This page was last edited on 22 February 2023, at 03:46. However, she also admitted that despite being in contact with History channel, an agreement hadnt been made with the network just yet. The large distance between the truckers probably enabled this a little more. Dewey appeared in seasons 7 through 11 of Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel. The injuries Hugh suffered to the lower part of his body hindered his ability to normally drive . Biography: Wife, N What happened to Tina Caspary on Married with Chil Who is Qimmah Russo? Posted September 1, 2016. Now, for Ice Road Trucker fans, it was devastating news to hear one of the cast members had passed away. Because of the shows popular reception, production continued well into an eleventh season, and also inspired the spin-off creation of Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads. He also contributed to charity events including a food drive to aid Louisiana flood victims. It wasnt only the fact that she had to give up a big part of the liberty that ice trucking normally entails by having to be observed in every step of her work, she also feels there was a certain undertone in the way she was portrayed, as she said so herself: cause I had blonde hair, they were kind of, Lets play the dumb blonde character.. Looking back to when she was first offered to appear in the show, it was an admittedly sudden and unexpected suggestion made by her then boss at Carline Transportation, who only asked if she wanted to be on TV. She has inspired numerous ladies to become truckers, and to pursue careers in the automotive industry. Hes still ice trucking, though. What Really Happened to Lisa Kelly From Ice Road TruckersSubscribe for More! The constant coverage of their everyday life and work overwhelmed the trucker. However, she was nonetheless proud of her achievement. However, in a truck, there is very little space for the comforts of life. Aside from that, she keeps up with her many followers on social media, and continues to enjoy life with her husband, Traves. Speaking with Overdrive in May 2021, Kelly revealed that she now works for another logistics supplier but still drowns North from the Alaskan City Kenai to Prudhoe Bay. Catching up with Lisa Kelly of "Ice Road Truckers" Overdrive 22.9K subscribers Subscribe 847 66K views 1 year ago One of the leading stars on the former History Channel series talks about life. Journalist Kaye O'Hara claims that Kelly was offered a contract to return to the show for season six, but she declined it. Wife, Net Worth, Height, Wiki. Soundtrack: Ice Road Truckers. I think I picked up a little snow pic.twitter.com/Kr5tfGIJQS, Lisa Kelly (@LisaKellyIRT) November 24, 2013. In the spring, however, as Kelly describes it, those improved roads can get a little bumpy to drive on. She channels her experiences working as a teacher in Mexico to write from an honest perspective. As of April 2023, Lisa Kelly has a net worth of $1 million. A post shared by Lisa (@fandomofmanythings). Contents1 Early Life2 Career2.1 Trucker Career2.2 "Ice Road Truckers"2.3 Is Ice Road Ice Road Truckers was an American reality series that aired on History Channel from June 2007 to November 2017. His father was a paratrooper in the Free Polish Brigade out of Britain during World War II and his mother studied both math and music at Cambridge University (his parents first met and got married in London, England). Throughout the filming of Ice Road Truckers, Lisa and Darrel often partnered together for long hauls, and as such became good friends. She also owns a miniature horse named Rocky, and a cat by the name Tanzi. According to show's producer Kelly was taking a year off. Lisa Kelly's Life Before Ice Road Truckers Before becoming a hardcore semi truck driver and television star, Lisa Kelly was born in 1980 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she lived until she was six, when her family moved to a small Sterling, Alaska farm. A prominent cast member on the popular television show Ice Road Truckers was involved in a fatal head on crash in Washington state. Kelly says shes still in touch with former fellow IRT star and logger Todd Dewey. This fan theory took force when the veteran trucker Alex Deborgoski posted on his Facebook fanpage about his unconformity with the production of Ice Road Truckers. Lisa's application passed with flying colors, and she was cast in season 3 of the show. She appeared in season 11, the final season for Ice Road Truckers. What is Brandi Passante doing since Storage Wars? A post shared by Alex Debogorski The Original Ice Road Trucker (@iceroadalex). Lisa Kelly was originally featured as the first and only woman on [] Kelly has told the press she isnt against returning to the screen and even considers IRT on hiatus rather than canceled. And she has embraced that with passion, both on and off the screens. The truckers provide a vital service to the massive oil and gas industries that support the Alaskan economy. However, the trucker thinks they're constantly making improvements" to the conditions of the road. Ice Roads Truckers was one of the most intense automobile reality shows ever made. Lisa Kelly Birthday Lisa Kelly was born on December 8, 1980 and is 42 years old now. This first absence marked her most notable one from the show, but the break was reported to have given Kelly the rest and rejuvenation she needed to return to the program, which she did for Season 7. The constant coverage of their everyday life and work overwhelmed the trucker. GRV Media Ltd, 18 Mulberry Avenue, Widnes. Who is Farm Girl Jen? 21,466 talking about this. Art Burke was recruited for the show in season seven. With 13 years of experience on icy roads, the Canadian trucker brought in laughter with his outgoing character and scrappy attitude. Married since 2008, Lisa Kelly keeps a low profile about her private life. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, TWITTER AND TIKTOK. Rowland is now retired from trucking and focuses on his construction company. When Lisa Kelly was the first woman to join the cast of Ice Road Truckers in 2009, viewers didnt know what to think of it. 50 Celebrities That Were Caught On Tape Without Makeup On! Its still unclear why History Channel decided to put an end to Ice Road Truckers in 2017. Troopers say that 65 year old motoristStephen John Jacobson and a 64 year old unidentified female passenger were driving northbound in a passenger vehicle on SR 101 near mile marker 340 when Jacobson crossed the center line of the highway and collided with a southbound logging truck driven by 44 year old Ice Road Truckers star Todd Dewey. October 30, 2021 7:49am. He is full Aleut Native Alaskan and an avid dirtbiker. Kelly was notable as the only female trucker featured in the series until Maya Sieber joined in Season 5, and Stephanie "Steph" Custance in season 10. Lisa did many odd jobs, but she is best-known as an American trucker. After several years of work for the Alaskan trucking company, her work was awarded when she was chosen as part of the cast for the History channel reality series Ice Road Truckers in 2007. document.getElementById("ak_js_1").setAttribute("value",(new Date()).getTime()); Type above and press Enter to search. the Haul Road . Throughout the decade it was on air, the shows rating was quite stable, starting with 8.3 audience points in its first season and ending with 8.6 by the last one. The global supply chain has nearly fallen apart, and jobs have seemed insecure in all sectors. things to say to a dominant man,

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