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No person will be entitled to both awards for Vietnam service. v.0beq! b. See more information below. 8] Vietnamese Counteroffensive Phase V 1 July 1 November 1968 The following amplifying remarks are furnished as guidance. -Servicemembers who earned the AFEM for Operation FREQUENT WIND between 29 and 30 April 1975, may elect to receive the VSM instead of the AFEM. In addition to those specific units listed, all Navy and Marine Corps personnel who served in-country Vietnam during the period 08 Feb 62 28 Mar are eligible since the Republic of Vietnam Government awarded it to Commander, U.S. To qualify for award of the Vietnam Service Medal an individual must meet one of the following qualifications: (1) Be attached to or regularly serve for 1 or more days with an organization participating in or directly supporting military operations. Many of us were led to believe that campaigns like Operation Game Warden, Operation SEALORDS, Operation Giant Slingshot, etc. Overloard Military Collection, 3008 Woodson, St. Louis, MO 63114, (314) 423-6644 [{J[ E[vWk m0_2Nx)e$=`@6L $DUf"#;# A(bm;[gO)eRD; 1kv6( r SbapK@R, Yh Z#$RT2#;5g3 W8v'Pav*`/=KFDJuZfC#P=%a& An award will not be made to a unit for actions of one or more of its component parts, unless such unit performed as a total team in a manner justifying the award. The Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal was awarded for Operation Frequent Wind, http://honours.homestead.com/usafexp.html, Combat Action Ribbon was awarded for Operation FREQUENT WIND. Quartermaster, 750 Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90813, (800) 444-8643 We ended up going to Vietnam to evacuate Da Nang and then, the plan was to go to I think we went to Manila - to offload the general and the admiral, Miller said. The performance of duty in carrying out a mission under the ordinary hazards of war, or participation in extended periods of combat duty, or in a large number of combat missions does not itself justify the award, which is designated to recognize specific acts of heroism on the part of the unit acting as a team. The Vietnam Service Medal may be awarded posthumously. VietnamEvacuation:OperationFREQUENTWIND DanielL. Get the recipe! 16) Consolidation II 1 December 1971 29 March 1972 f!v/R _Ij_AvHnEA=PR0Vv=)=$DM^/_{P. The 9th Marine Amphibious Brigade, a task force of the III MEF successfully extracted by helicopter more than 7,000 Americans and Vietnamese from Saigon, Vietnam, in Operation Frequent Wind. RG = Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross Medal, Color, with Palm 18) Operation FREQUENT WIND 29 April 30 April 1975. Roger K. Nystrom), U.S. ", We went back (to Vietnam). See the unit awards below for links to pages which contain text for the citations. The MRFA is launching our Historical Data Project (HDP), featuring as much MRF TF-117 data as possible. The Military Departments. This group is here so that those of us US Navy folks who participated in the evacuation of Saigon, aka Operation Frequent Wind, can amass and share thoughts, ides, and feelings about that "war. Awarded in the name of the President of the United States to units of the Armed Forces of the United States and co-belligerent nations for extraordinary heroism in action against an armed enemy. In those instances, however, where a single unit received duplicate Vietnamese unit awards during the same period only one will be recorded in official military personnel and historical records. As hostile Khmer Rouge forces approached Phnom Pehn, the capitol of Cambodia, the urgency to protect and remove American, Allied and Cambodian personnel named on the Khmer Rouge Death List grew rapidly. . Naval Special Warfare Group, Vietnam (2). After the war, Miller returned to the valley and eventually became postmaster for the cities of Thermal, Coachella, Indio and Palm Springs. "We few, we happy few, we band of brothers, For he today that sheds his blood with me, shall be my brother." Operation Frequent Wind, the evacuation of Vietnam in April 1975, moved over 50,000 people. You can rest assured that you have a lot of brothers and sisters in this association who recognize and respect your contributions and thank you for a job well done! <> c. U.S. Navy personnel who served as advisors to the Vietnamese Navy personnel in an in-charge position, and officers and enlisted whose units were turned over to the Vietnamese Navy before they had acquired the requisite 6 months eligibility as stated above, are authorized to wear the insignia provided the total operational time and advisory time on the craft equal 6 or more months. When ordering be sure to ask for the Navy metal bracket that surrounds the RVNGC and RVNCA ribbons. Military Medals and Insignias, 134 Burton Circle, Gastonia, NC 28054, (704) 824-3026 Fax: (704) 824-4760. Awarded for active participation in ground or air combat during specifically listed military operations. Awarded to all members of the Armed Forces of the United States in Thailand, Laos, or Cambodia or the air space thereof, between 03Jul1965 and 28Mar1973 and 29Apr75 thru 30April75, serving in direct support of operations in Vietnam. Graco Industries, P.O. Mike participated in the evacuation of Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Saigon, Vietnam. Subsequent awards will be indicated by the use of a Gold Star on the ribbon: (1). Operation FREQUENT WIND - 29 April - 30 April 1975. We welcome content contributions! Like theRepublic of Vietnam Meritorious Unit Citation, Cross of Gallantry Medal Color, with Palm,it was awarded to individual units during the war, but then towards the end of the war both unit citations were awarded to ALL in-country veterans. The Palm denotes a unit award. -No person will be entitled to more than one award of the V. Service Medal. pH^w>3@7-_d^; u&g_$]8VLvX2G2lIvca. hD?tAOa;U9DkizpDmQxukt^ut_}'a}_t/^W];]/}-^%T] ]m*f ^AT|^q?_\_u?_~Iw!+o~5ZZK~~^ZAl.KUW]oa(N$6Q-Cavm-oK&h.$6L3`V2? 0l&+UL\^%wMm;s' ~i40`0_1h0}|&#D&A(tH0L`,W, `D@vBh00^DDB"QDabh1"""""""?h(T,@e03 b\4#@2 ;X d@3 l#0]< ah-\r!g9CiAp?{Mn/B"$#LpM-kxt6@:o_; d;D}Hs`~HMmtCad<6HC Ai:v' CM o6Ai,==4P7o6>,#L wt?}7fR0` L L2C@8A;M'.Nx5BgP&y SGzAiX0ZEIa4}?]E]6~_NK5^(a@GD1@6'> a=6H:Xa=]]uvhx0]{0oh4W_?jkNAc~ _wo _~P4n{?F^KKO#xoepW~[K5_uk]}6:[MuoJ)]kJZ|+ kv;vXKu+%\l$6PjI stream Awarded to members of the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard (when the Coast Guard or units thereof operate under the control of the Navy) in the grade of captain/colonel and junior thereto, who have actively participated in ground or surface combat. Although wear of multiple awards of this unit citation badge is not authorized, official military personnel and historical records will indicate all awards received. Authorized on July 19, 1965 and awarded to all service members of the Armed Forces of the United States who, between July 4, 1965 and March 28, 1973, served in Vietnam and the contiguous waters, and airspace, in Thailand, Laos or Cambodia or airspace in direct support of military operations in Vietnam. Servicemembers who earned the AFEM for Operation FREQUENT WIND, between 29 and 30 April 1975, may elect to receive the VSM instead of the AFEM. (2) Any Servicemember on temporary duty (TDY) or temporary active duty to serve on boards, courts, commissions, and like organizations. A completed Form 180 request form. Refugees arrive aboard USS Midway.29 April 1975. bdpopeye Mi Field Marshall MI.Net Member TAARB Joined Jul 12, 2006 HMM-263 lost a great Marine Bert McCauley. There were helicopters they blackened the sky - and we were offloading them.. List of Authorized Campaign Stars. Be sure to stay on the Form 180 until all of your information is inputted. It was a dangerous assignment, which resulted in some deaths. (c). Operation Frequent Wind was the final phase in the evacuation of American civilians and "at-risk" Vietnamese from Saigon, South Vietnam, before the takeover of the city by the North Vietnamese People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) in the Fall of Saigon. The ship was outfitted with the most sophisticated electronics systems of its time. Operation Frequent Wind - A South Vietnamese helicopter pilot and his family, safely aboard the USS Hancock, are escorted by a Marine Security Guard to the refugee area during an evacuation, Saigon, Viet Nam, April 29, 1975. You should be able to print the citation text. ACDDav~o^]{OO1l;:M&xA jBW~^=?NO0OO_z_Vt?'_OL ^~S}{"4J_:?A}z"_o7{W_#'oUVE_[tEWp*/VKv~}KuLIK~uM?nBA mtm+]~j miX[][WI}. Unit awards, medals and ribbons, and information on applying for and obtaining your medals and ribbons. Not more than one Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation will be worn by any individual. REFERENCE: http://www.amervets.com/replacement/vn.htm#isr, NOTE: Eligible personnel should ensure this Service Period acknowledgment is listed on your current 201A Military Award Report:http://www.amervets.com/201areq.htm (or amervets.com/201a), Contact Person for this posting: Roger Simpson, PIOPublic Information Office: http://www.13105320634.comThe American War Library: http://www.amervets.com/16907 Brighton AvenueGardena CA 90247-5420Phone / Fax: 1-310-532-0634, -- Otis Willie (Ret.) The deteriorating situation at the Defense Attach location required the Embassy to become a major site. Servicemembers who earned the AFEM for service in Vietnam between 1 July 1958 and 3 July 1965 may elect to receive the VSM instead of the AFEM. (No ships qualified), Operation MAYAGUEZ. This award may also be conferred upon units of Armed Forces of friendly foreign nations serving with the Armed Forces of the United States for outstanding performance in action, provided that such units shall meet the standards established for the Armed Forces of the United States. Upon submission of evidence to their commanding officer, personnel who earned the Combat Infantryman Badge or Combat Medical Badge while a member of the U.S. Army may be authorized to wear the Combat Action Ribbon. 2 Per reference (b) above, paragraph 14 (Page 2-20) of said reference states: (1). No medal is authorized for this citation. Humanitarian Service Medal (HSM) - APPROVED OPERATIONS The table below lists approved operations for award of the HSM. After a long delay, Kenneth, who goes by Mike, received seven service medals on Saturday. Box 3133, Naples, FL 33939, (941) 775-2100 As an illustration, Battery D, 5th Battalion, 2d Artillery, was awarded the RVN Gallantry Cross with Palm during the following periods: 1 September 1968 to 15 March 1969 and 1 September 1968 to 30 September 1970. Salinas resident Johnnie Johnson, 66, was awarded the Vietnam Service Medal that recognizes his time in the region, specifically during his time on the USS Coral Sea during Operation Frequent Wind in the 1975 evacuation of Saigon as a member of the United States Navy. Several aircrew members that I knew wore both awards Send the form to: Bureau of Naval Personnel Liaison Office Room 5409, 9700 Page Avenue St. Louis, MO 63132-5100 To obtain information about unit awards earned, contact the Chief of Naval Operations, Awards and Special Projects Branch at the address below. (2) Is wounded or injured and requires medical evacuation from the AOE while participating in the operation, regardless of time. 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