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Recently helped my niece choose one for herself and budget was part of the equation and she ended up with a Springfield Armory model 911 in .380 and she absolutely loves it - and says it is easy for her to use, load and maintain. But I have to go to a place 4 days a week now I needed deep concealment I read a lot and I use to have a Body Guard and did not like it don't know why bottom line is I went with the Ruger LCP 2 and luv it to me there is not much kick fits my hand well with the extender on the mag with 200 rounds of all kindsll thru it not 1 single f2f or ff I carry it with Gold Dots for a lot of reasons but that's what I ed in all my guns with all the improvements 9n the new LCP2 2 imho for the money there is no better 380 acp on the market. And they are ultra reliable. I recently bought my wife a 380 Thunder and its the only gun Ive found the equals my 383DA. It was a tough choice initially between the Sig 938 and the Kahr CM9, but the Kahr had a great trigger, no safety to worry about and the 1st shot speed and confidence this DAO provides. WHAT ARE THE DISADVANTAGES OF THE .380 POCKET PISTOL? Thirteen rounds and easy to shoot. (My LCP had the same problem.). So embarrassing she emptied the box of low cost ammo and then shot the ammo that my gun rejected. Time is not on your side in a crisis. Im not a fan of carrying cocked and locked so my personal pocket gun is the Bersa Thunder 380CC. The trigger pull on the LCP II most closely resembles the trigger on larger striker fired polymer pistols such as the Glock. Of course one must practice with any firearm to learn the particularities of that gun. Also, where is the Remington 380? I purchased a Browning Black label Pro with 4.25 inch barrel , I also own 9mm of different mfg. My favorite are .45s by Kimber, Taurus, Remington, Metro Arms --- 9mm by CZ, CANIK, SARZILMAS (SAR), Remington, Taurus Millennium G-2 --- .380 by BERSA (Thunder .380 and .380 PLUS), Browning, Beretta and the well built GIRSAN MC-14 The modern Kahr pistols seemed to have been straightened out. Rh CZ P07 & CZ P10c chambered in .380. So I went on an ammo quest with all 3 of my 380 firearms to find the best Self defense round watched every video on youtube from Paul Harrell, Shooting The Bull (who did ammo quest and voted Precision One the BEST 380 SD round) , TN Outdoors, Hickock45 and everyone else.you name it.and now hundreds of rounds personally downrange. Best sights in class. We'll only use the information provided according to our privacy policy. I'm done with the larger guns, which I don't really carry during normal activities, so this is a perfect balance between power and size. I carry it inside waistband or front pocket. Also, I never carry a handgun in my pocket. The 238 is very easy to conceal. I still have my AMT, but my EDC is the Kahr CM9. Click below for a FREE LESSON! That's why your comment on the necessity of range time with your carry ammo is dead on the money. Thanks for your comment. Many of the others, such as the S&W Bodyguard and Ruger LCP were too diminutive and had awful sights. Use of the external safety becomes automatic with practice. Before the Colt Mustang there was the F.I. Both are very easy to conceal and I never doubted the reliability should I ever need to use either. Sorry, with all due respect, I simply cannot agree with your equating the .380 ACP and the .38 Special. It's hard to find something online, as almost everyone is talking about JP/JHP rounds. Consistent, smooth trigger pull from start to finish, very controllable, and accurate for short distance work, and it doesn't look bad. In a real world gun fight capacity rules over caliber. If you want something toylike with questionable or useless sights, the author's list will serve you. I was carrying a Kruger 357 mag short barrel ed I am a big guy The chamber seemed pretty dirty so Im willing to give the weapon another chance, but I was very disappointed. I haven't looked back! In actuality the Seecamp 380 is smaller. In order for you to effectively stop a threat, you need decent hollow point ammunition (if your area allows you to use it). The size and weight make it very easy to carry especially with the screw on belt clip. We did a full review of the grip safety model, but you can also find it with a thumb safety, too! Looking into the warranty impressed me, as did many of the online reviews. All in all Sig for me is the better choice. The concealed carry version has a smaller beaver tail which can get in the way on the standard version if you are a bigger guy.. Great gun for the price and easy maintenance. Though it is probably one of the most expensive 380's on the market, I don't think that should matter when it comes to defending yourself and loved ones. Only issue was my wife's hands are frail so she had limb wristing issue, which she has not had with the Sig P238 and she could not rack the 42/43 which was the main reason for the Sig P238. I love those kind too, and all kinds of guns for that matter, but those big .40, .45's etc.. have there place and it's not in your pocket feeling like a brick.. You understand living in Florida. They run like sewing machines. I'm not saying that there is any problem with a 380, but people shouldn't be swayed to a smaller firearm if a larger one suits their needs. Curious on you opinion of Kimber Micro? But damn if my wife didn't like it also. It's reliable, accurate enough and easily concealable no matter what you are wearing which is why I own one. Great review. I know, Taurus, but it is what it is. With an IWB rig, it's as close to invisible as a gun can get. One of the best things about the Bersa is that even if you have large hands, this is a very nice gun to grip and hold. I added a Crimson Trace green laser to the Glock 42 and it works great. Which surprises me due to how hard the slide is to pull back. It will digest about anything I throw in it, cheap ball ammo to top notch hollow points, its not finicky and the accuracy for me was great. Walther CCP 6. - its capacity of 10+1 in the tube puts every gun in this article to shame Your last paragraph says it all Bullet placement is the key. It just fits perfectly in my hand. According to our peers, here are the six worst pocketguns, from less awful to worstest. I will say it shoots beautifully and the night sights it came with are excellent. The lcp 2 resolved the trigger issue of the lcp 1. Hand-Picked Daily GUN DEALS, and Exclusive Coupons Codes >>>, Guide to Holsters for Any Method You Carry. The quality and reliability is absolutely worth the extra weight and money. I can draw, take safety off, and hit target in less than 2 seconds. No printing whatsoever. Just bought a Sig P238 to replace a S&W Bodyguard that absolutely sucks. I get that it's so expensive, but I tell you, it WILL the best investment you'll will ever make!!! The thing that got me was for handgun rounds from 380 to 44 Mag, the lethal/incapacitate results were pretty much equal! Yeah, I like Clones, mainly those made in Turkey because they've been well made in NATO spec facilities. It has had at least 2000 rounds through it. to be used by the Agents who carried out activities in the territory of Ireland, the destination of said contract stated verbatim "to be used in personal defense". I also disagree with Danny-I think the II looks much better than the original. The current third generation of Rugers great LCP seriesthe LCP Max is what our editor Eric carries while in athletic gear. Why? I have the LCP2 and the P238. My most consistent shooters have been . all of them. Fmj, cci, winchester, and remington, sent back to Ruger, replaced slide, back to range, same issues, took to local gunsmith for evaluation, awaiting results, Ruger missed the mark on this one, not acceptable performance, from a name like Ruger, not acceptable for personal defense, do not recommend for purchase, own a P-89, will feed anything, own an American .243, extremely accurate, again, Ruger missed the mark with the LCP. , If I were to replace my Bodyguard the Ruger LCP would be my choice. I have hundreds of rounds through both and I haven't had any malfunctions with either of them. Well over a thousand rounds through it without a hitch. Very reliable, I have only had one brand of ammo that gave me feeding issues, and that was some cheap wal mart steel case surplus ammo, that would still fire but I had to reduce the amount loaded in the magazine for proper feeding. Heavy bullets have more penetration, I would stick to 115gr in 9mm. The reason is simple - it's extremely small and versatile. Quite accurate, too. Let's make a fairer comparison. Theyre made about 15 miles from where I sit right now. The edges and dove tail are tapered to allow true pocket carry. I live in Colombia, the only ountry in the world where self defense is prohibited So don't underestimate the power of calibers starting with 3. I like my Ruger LCP II - light weight, I can handle the recoil. .. She wiped it off loaded it with critical defense and kinda politely sneered at my Remington. It sports a long, heavy trigger pull with double-strike capability. With the proper ammo this weapon can't be beat for carry and at 10 yards put your shoot where you aim it. Without seeing his actual data, I would agree with 95% of what is said. I carry an 9mm HK P30SK and my backup gun is a hand-me-down Walther PPK/S (.380). We'll send you the latest guides and training tips geared Once I found ammo that worked, it ran like a champ. RM380. Have you tried magazine extender that permits 3 finger grip, or does that magazine you mentioned offer that? as those 380s. The LCP ll has a new improved trigger and is similar to a striker fired pistol. It wouldnt cycle and FTE. Magazine capacity is six, plus one inside the chamber. I have owned many firearms since, but this is my all time favorite little handgun. S&W Bodyguard "BETTER". These were offered decades ago for the Thompson-Center Contender. I love mine. I think it came out right around the time of your article so why didn't you list it? It sports a long, heavy trigger pull with double-strike capability. Pass on the II and get the original. However, I highly recommend that you opt for the extended magazine to get use of your pinky and the extra round. I watched my son in law shoot his 40 cal Glock at the range it blew a piece of the slide right out with normal ammo I think Remington, after calling them he sent all the pieces to them and they had the gun repaired all free but kept it 6 mos. Were you perhaps thinking of the first gen LCP? Theyll buy ammo for target practice and ammo for self-defense. The password should contain at least 8 characters with at least one number or special character. I know snobs won't like it, be I do. Typically carry colt ofcr .45, but sometimes just can't. The holster appears to be a holster for an I-Pad. I went to the range last weekend and intentionally gathered up all 380 reloads from my house that I could find. anything extra and your The LCP II was available when I bought mine but I chose the original and I'm glad I did. I have put over 1000 rds through it without one failure. Unhappy surprise I haven't found an extended safety, and I can't put the stock lever to "safe" without shifting my grip or using my off hand. Thanks for getting the Bersa Thunder 380 on the list. Everything about it is perfect for me. Beretta Pico: Worst .380 In the World?! Both cartridges are most similar when the .38 Special ballistics are compared when coming from a snubnosed revolver with a 2" (or slightly shorter) barrel. I have a Glock 42 and Im a realtor. All that said, when I go to the range I have to force myself to shoot it. I had to pass! Won't lie though, "long and heavy" sure is accurate on the trigger pull. Im in the market for my first CCW and have the LCPII on my radar. (PS-I had a local 'smith do some smoothing of the edges and it's amazingly easy to get in and out!) purchase helps support my work in bringing you more awesome gun and gear articles. Imagine if a urban environment gets REALLY bad.the .22 has a great advantage in many ways.Hunting.relatively quiet, eaaaasy to shooteven the most novice in your troup can probably become proficient in an afternoon, CAPACITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This 380 caliber test gun was slightly used, had modest bluing wear on the sides of the slide near the muzzle, and a few other signs of light wear. The Bodyguard seems to work best with Fiocchi fmj, Hydrasocks, and WWB. I even carry it sometime in my pocket as back up to my Glock 17 which I should say it way sweeet (the 17). View as Grid View List View. The only problem with it is those old school guns weigh a lot. The .380 cartridge is as nasty as any other small one! I am a 76yr. Glock 42 4. It's probably as small as any on this list, at only 4.7" X 3.6", Ive owned and fired every caliber from my little Colt target 22 to my 50 cal Desert Eagle. I bought a ruger LCP I love it the long trigger pull makes it a excellent pocket pistol. Accurate and nice to hold, great controls. I have the kimber mucro 380 that i replaced with the new micro 9 with the laser grip and the extended mag and in a pocket holster when i wear shorts and it shoots great vwry easy to hit your target and it has a great trigger i have iver 30 hand guns but thats my favorite Pocket Gun next to that is my Glock 19 when I have regular clothes and i am a member and have the insurance and you guys are great very informative. It's easy to appreciate how this applies to the way handguns are designed. I had a Ruger LCP and after the third round, the pistol began bouncing around in my hand, not good. And just like my performance center 9mm shield it will run anything without fail. Remington 380. Happy with both options!!! Decent groups, although early on, I was working out my shooting kinks. For example the Sig is not accurate for me. Reliability Love the sig p238 tried the lcp gave to my brother. After 100 rounds of CCI FMJ at the rangenot one misfire! A .410 is barely an excuse for a shotgun, and should never be used when a 12 or 20 gauge is called for. I have a Kimber RCP (lg) that I picked up a while back. I have an LCP II and love it. Citation needed. What actually causes recoil in a (combat caliber) semiautomatic handgun? As for range ammo I have had no issues with Federal, Fiocchi or Winchester. After he graduated high school, he joined the Marines where he qualified with an M16, an M9 pistol, and a 240G machine gun. Introducing a gun to a situation makes you an instant elephant in the room. Like you said the safety is difficult to disengage but with the double action trigger and long trigger pull I feel comfortable carrying with the safety off. I am a firearm owner and I have made a choice not to carry a gun. Extra patience is necessary at the moment since the 12 is temporarily out of stock (other 238's are in stock but at much higher prices). Other than the LCP Max, no other 380 here has the magazine capacity (ten rounds) of the Sig. I show up to a call and see someone with a weapon they are getting neutralized immediately no questions asked dont need no tweaking crackheads running amuck with a gun especially in Merica. DA trigger safer, easier (no external safety), albeit heavier. The 380 is essentially equal to the Sigg P238 but I like the Kimber a little better because of the slicker lines. It should go without saying that pocket pistols have small grips that give you a dainty look. Our favorite is always that P238 HD. This writer is SPOT ON w/the issue of firing & nothing happening w/the Bodyguard! I'm looking at a Walther CCP M2 380 for my wife, whose hands are smaller and more arthritic than mine, and hope you'll review it someday soon. The Kimber also has many "factory custom" options such as a lowered ejection port and a flat wound recoil spring to aid in the pistol's reliability factor. My only complaint about the LCP II is that I wish the trigger was more rounded where my finger makes contact. Take the advice. Ive used many .380s but the best is the bersa thunder 380 cc . Please also note that not all ammo is made the same, and some expand better than others. I carry the 42/43 since both are he same platform and only caliber difference so with either on I don't need to "think" which gun do I have today, Great review! Turns out I should probably should have gone with the S&W. Great gun. They are not only built like tanks, but will shoot Plus P ammo milder than most guns shoot standard ammo. - The CPX-3 can be had on-line for about $200 so it's just about the cheapest .380 out there The P365 380 may be on the larger size spectrum of concealable 380s but is probably the flattest/lowest recoiling model. The double strike feature is great too, particularly when using cheap reloads. I'm sure it is because the rental wasn't maintained well. The revolver, obviously, shoots every time, and, knock on wood, the .380 has never had a feed, fire or ejection problem, either. really like. He posted another eval after his wrap-up because he discovered another ammo that out-performed the Precision One ammo. It is extremely well built, easily concealed and extremely accurate. I could see if this list were entitled "Top 5 guns most likely to get you killed", Like everything about the Ruger LC380 except the trigger, and would buy another one if Ruger gave it the same, striker-fire setup as the improved LC9S Pro. LCP 2 has a long heavy trigger? If buying today, I would buy Sig if money were no object and LCP2 if looking for a good price and good performance. The LCP-II and LCP Max are very lightweight and have decent triggers. It makes a HUGE difference! The one drawback is the lack of comfortable holsters. I have an LCP II and have sent it back to Ruger twice but it still misfeeds on but FMJ and JHP. Check out Editors Picks. Haven't had a chance to try that out but thanks for the rec. The problem is that my LCP II ejects the spent shells into my forehead. You missed It in your review but it is mechanically similar, but smaller than the non CC (conceal carry) model. The S&W is the pistol she will be using to qualify for her Texas License to Carry CHL class. Get proficient on YOUR time. Thanks! Thankyou. It is a solid piece of metal and helps dampen the recoil. It's the bullet that hits the bad guy, not the gun. Simple. I wear shorts mostly all year around and this is the best of ALL the rest for deep reliable concealment. It just seems like they got this one right-check it out! We have a few of the guns in this article, and I have shot them all quite a bit. Hell, it jams FMJ BALL AMMO after a few mags. Get new friends. Love it so much bought the CM 9 big brother for IWB holster use. LMAO. I like how the CTC laser activates just from gripping the gun and not having to worry about finding a button to activate laser. up to the present, it cannot be ignored. She knows a good gun. Great reviews, here 's my 2 cents. The trigger just takes a lot of practice to get right. To the point of I wish these two models didnt even exist. The Micro 380 now comes with a 7-round magazine; The Micro 380 weighs a mere 13.4 oz. Another even more serious mistake is that you, mentioning the benefits of the good Bersa pistol, about the Walther PPK, you textually say: "It improves it a bit with some modern features, such as an open sliding cover and a decocker / security." 5: CZ Model 83 380 Auto You'll have to find this one used, because it was discontinued in 2012. Final thought? I've owned a number of 380 carry guns, the Beretta 84FS and the 85FS My favorite was the Beretta 85FS. It's kind of like the old Sears "Good, Better, Best" thing. In your evaluation of the Ruger LCP II you stated it has a long and heavy trigger pull. Ruger LCP as #1? I also put a drop of a different color nail polish on the visible part of the back of the hammer to help me see when the pistol is cocked. You will want to read this: I own an LCP, Sig P238, and a Bodyguard. Three of the top 5 here.I have spent A LOT of time testing ammo with all 3 of these 380's because even though I have an LC9S Pro 9mm and a Sig P938 9mm, I WANT to carry the 380 because its just more comfortable in summer to carry. That's about 150% more kinetic energy than the .380 can bring to bear! The .380 ACP semi-automatic pistol is one of the most popular categories of concealed carry weapons in the United States and has been for years. Deep carry a kimber ultra raptor II for primary weapon. Solid stainless to reduce felt recoil and improve longevity, but only 19 oz. A very fine pistol. Well interesting take though on all the ammo comparison charts I've seen on this site for popular handgun ammo I've yet to see the 9mm makarov mentioned and personally I carried a FEG PA-63 a hungarian made pistol though no longer on the market here carried it on me for least 5 years before I changed to a SiG P245 Compact due to the fact that I could Extremely easily find magazines available that fix in quiet extended size for the gun as it Accepted Magazines for the P220 as well which is a common officer carry ever since been a SiG guy still got the p245 but switched to a p938 Texas edition few years back But I'll Say this about the 9mm makarov and the FEG PA-63 at that, that is one gun to this day I regret selling but the local gunshop owner wanted it as a carry as he had one previously that got stolen when he was in the hospital and since they were no longer on market here I parted ways with mine but the 9mm makarov Is a absolutely great round can't even begin to describe how well it feels in the hand compared to a Luger. gear. Great read. I think you hit on a lot of good points. You may want to research a little. Items 1-24 of 285. The Precision One XTP round did excellent. It was absolutely horrible! The Bersa is a Great Value that gets the job done without fail! LCP2 was pretty nice, especially with an LGS price of $280. Thanks for the great article. I had 6 stovepipes(!!!) Easily the best .380 weapon out there in terms of cost, reliability, features & looks. I put LCP in "Good", Bodyguard in "Better", and Sig in "BEST". and I WANTED to dislike the Sig (all metal freame, it's HEAVIER). I would not trust my life with the Bodyguard . Ruger sells the LCP II with a neoprene pocket holster (which has the Ruger logo on it), and it actually works quite well. The original is one of the biggest selling personal carry pistols of all time. The combination of these three features gives you lots of recoil, a slow follow upshot, and a very slow reload time. old woman and I love my WaltherPK380. Loved it . Then again, those guns which are deeply concealed tend to be harder to access in a stressful situation. All thats important is that youve got quality ammo that has been tested in your firearm. While there are other, more powerful rounds out there, this is likely the smallest one youd ever want to trust your life to. Carry sig in ankle holster . Hydroshoks work great in this gun, it's all metal, but still stings a bit when you shoot it. In contrast to this, the original LCP did not lock back on the final round. "While the LCP was a popular pistol, the LCP II is a refined and much improved version." The Bodyguard triggers have gotten better, but I absolutely agree. I had to push really hard and when I finally got it into the mag well FOUR rounds came out of the slide opening! Love the Glock. At first I thought it was an older model that was being closed out, but it may be more likely it's an exclusive production run for some of these sellers. I like mine too but my wife has a lcp2. The original LCP is smaller, weighs over an ounce less, still has a decent trigger for a 380 and is straight up sleek and sexy. Minimal recoil. Also, I think if it were not for the loooong and resistant trigger of the Bodygaurd, that pistol might have done better. Good article but why did you leave out probably the best .380 out there, the SCCY CPX-3? It does what it's supposed to do, with a really good factory trigger, pretty decent little sights, it's withstood the test of time, and it's a pretty sexy little gun (mine is the matte black with brushed nickel highlights).#1 380, hands down Bersa Thunder 380's, oh ya, and at a very affordable price. In fact, I currently shoot Lehigh defense ammo. Sure. I mostly like the Bersa Thunder .380, but, reliability can be a concern. Great hiker's gun. .. so far. I agree with you that the sights on the 911 are great for a pocket size pistol and I have no issue with them but I do like the sights on my P238 more. They won't save your ass in a jam. I bought it because it looks so much like the Walther PPK. You might see if the pistol sends cases into the forehead when someone else shoots the gun. I really like mine, small and compact. I traded it 2 weeks after buying it and the guy gave me $100 in trade! One thing that was not improved over the original LCP, however, is the sights. These write ups for .380 always list guns like the P238, colt mustang, etc.without explaining the issues with carrying SA only pistol (especially in a pocket). Lol, the Glock 25 was made for countries with strict gun control. Have carried a Bersa Thunder for several years now when the weather is too warm for my main carry. I was actually shooting .410 loads in a handgun in the 1970s, and the Contender could boast a choke and a significantly longer barrel (as I recall, about 9" in mine). The .380 only offers easier concealability, but not equivalent performance. Now here;'s the good about the LCP.It Feeds CRITICAL DEFENSE like a champ. cant make it jam off of Critical defense. I, too, love the Sigs. Check out his new firearms site. Concealment is key in our world. Just shot 4 of the 5 on the .380 list. I'm a novice and feel quite comfortable with ALL aspects of the LCP 2. Most people don't stand a 25-75 chance within 21 feet of an alert active attacker because they can't react, draw, point and shoot under stress in under 1.5 seconds. Ammunition will differ slightly in energy, and that affects ejection. Mostly carried in a Desantis SuperFly pocket carry. prints like a wallet. The XTP bullet has a good track record with several calibers but was one of the top performers with the .380. Prior to purchasing mine, I surveyed the field and was sure to check out almost all the popular options on the market, including all of those listed here with the exception of the Bersa and Kahr (the S&W EZ .380 came out after I bought my 911.) I figured why not have 9mm since it's only slightly bigger yet still as easy to conceal comfortably. It always feeds, fires and ejects regardless of what ammo I feed through it. I enjoy the look of this little pistol and it fits my hand well. and pistols shooting shotgun rounds are very effective (e.g. The .380 ACP is, technically speaking, underpowered when compared with some other mainline self-defense cartridges. I have a micro 9 and an ultra carry ii .45 and both are very reliable and groups are good. Every thing is truly EZ, from loading to racking to field stripping & cleaning. I could go on and on. I frequently found that the holster had bumped the safety off, This was not an extreme problem as the .380 Government Model had the series 80 firing pin block; but it was something that shouldn't have been happening. I have had zero problems feeding anything. I acquired two pinky extended mags, and applied my requisite Talon grips. Even though discontinued, the Taurus TCP 738 is the best of the best. When discussing felt recoil, its not just the size of the cartridge. A little larger than the CW380, and much easier to hold for large hands. Learn all the important stuff about handgunswith none of the attitude. I completely agree with your #1 pick. The article is about pocket .380s. Even ships with a stainless steel recoil guide. FMJ or Hollow Point Many .380 pistol shooters prefer to use full metal jacket bullets due to their superior penetration compared to hollow points. Thanks very informative article . To say that the 380 has limited stopping power is a moronic statement. Don't do plastic guns .. put to many rounds thru to many of them and about the ONLY one worth a flip is a p99 . . anyhoo, the sig can be had for $450-500 if you shop it and it's worth it and more . . By far, It's the best quality gun of the bunch, takes all ammo and won't fail after a ton of rounds if you really want to make a habit of .380 practice with a pocket gun. Seatbelts have saved my life, but I drive without a helmet and 5point restraints. Excellent 380 and shouldve been included in this list. I looked carefully and tried both, as well as the S&W Bodyguard .380.. 1) .22 LR for bugging out - using it for human threats I would agree is a poor idea. I got a Bodyguard a couple years ago. The BB ammo gives you specs that are very close to a 9mm round in such a small package. I personally carry my Beretta PX4 Compact in .40 S&W concealed during the 96 degree days of summer all the time. Ahh yes, the less expensive knockoff of the 238 (which in and of it self was a knockoff of the colt mustang) brought to you by the company who sold the residents of IL down the river for the all might $..No thanks, you can keep it. jones road miracle balm sephora, heathers west end script pdf, react native expo documents,

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